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Octane Comics is a small art studio with high, exacting standards. Our aim is to find emerging talent and develop their skills so they can find their place among the comic book greats. If you think you have what it takes, please
submit your work or send us a link to your portfolio. We'd love to discover the next sensation in the comics world and give all talented artists their deserved opportunity.

When submitting artistic material, always use recognizable, published, trademarked characters. Ideally we would like to see our characters used, but it's not necessary. Never send us original characters or concepts.


  •  Send us at least 3 pages of sequential storytelling.
  •  Ensure that your artwork is sent large enough for print, as we'll need to be able to appreciate the detail in your art. (Don't worry, we have no intention of printing your work.)
  •  Make sure your work is varied. (We'd like to see how you handle lighting, mood, storytelling, texture and spatial separations.)
  •  Your submission should employ a variety of environments, scenes, vehicles and props.
  •  Your submission should employ a variety of characters - both young and old - and include superheroic characters.
  • Please demonstrate your ability to portray both quiet, conversational scenes and dramatic action sequences.


  •  Submit a minimum of 3 pages of sequential storytelling.
  •  Show us as many different types of textures and line qualities as you can.
  •  Include ruled and freehanded lines and curves in figure work and backgrounds.
We're especially interested in seeing your ability to control gradations through hatching, cross-hatching, texture, and/or detail.


  •  Submit a minimum of 3 pages of sequential storytelling.
  • Display scenes, characters and environments in naturalistic, emotive and subjective color palettes.
The best submissions will demonstrate your ability to use color to enhance or create lighting, mood, time-frames, storytelling, transitions, texture and spatial separations.


Sorry, but Octane Comics cannot accept unsolicited writing submissions, synopses, or scripts. Any unsolicited writing submission will not be read. This is necessary for legal issues surrounding copyright.

Original concepts or properties

Octane Comics does not accept unsolicited original concepts or properties for publication. Any unsolicited original concepts or properties submission will not be read.

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